Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Rivertrail Ecocamp -Sustainable Tourism Project

About Rivertrail Camp

The Campsite:
Reclining on the banks of the river Kundalika, Rivertrail is a unique campsite in every sense. Being across the river, you need a boat to reach Rivertrail and once there, you can get a feeling of being almost on an island. You’re close to a ‘pucca,’ motorable road and yet surrounded infinitely by an expansive, flowing river, hills hugging the river with farms and fields all around you.
Once out of the boat, you are greeted by a rustic, peaceful farm replete with mango, coconut, jackfruit trees and a sprinkling of well-camouflaged rustic cottages and huts.
The inviting hammocks instantly catch your eye, while the open air dining under the trees, the sporty tents and cottages, all make you relax and unwind there and then.
The trail across the river is an undulating terrain, spectacular in the early morning and during dusk when a variety of birds flock to river. Here, you can discover the shy, local tribals usually found fishing in the river. Rivertrail is an eco-friendly campsite built with non-toxic housing materials like open brick and stone and karvi, bamboo furniture sourced from villages & re-grown, a bio-gas plant and even recyled fibre used in mattresses. It is a no-pesticide zone, where fruit trees are managed on organic farming basis using kitchen waste as compost. This is a place for Nature Lovers and Adventure Seekers. Rivertrail conducts regular water sports activities at Rivertrail like kayaking, canoeing, rafting and rivercrossing, besides a number of nature activities, workshops and games.

This campsite is a unique partnership by Ecomantra to encourage local owners to be partners in community tourism. Whether operations or management, activities or training, the locals have been trained in every area and given full responsibility. The ‘Rivertrail’ camp project is an endeavour to help native villagers and ethnic tribals to preserve their culture and the natural environment, while putting their knowledge to excellent use and earning a good livelihood out of it.

Activities at Rivertrail:
Trek to waterfall
Fort treks
Wind Sailing (from December onwards)
Team Rivercrossing
River Rafting (upstream)
Raft building
Bamboo Rafting
Bullock cart rides
Bird watching trails
Guided nature trail
Silent Night trails
Campfire cooking
Folk songs and dance
Health massage
Conservation activities
Warli painting
Puppet making
Paper Recycling
Tree plantation
Coconut tree climbing
Nature Games

Camping experience at Rivertrail:

The camping experience at Rivertrail includes a sojourn in a natural environment with treks, waterfalls, nature trails, boating, watersports, nature games and nature learning activities, campfire, silent walks, nature meditations and wildlife interactive programs.
Enjoy the Kundalika river’s flowing waters while you paddle in your Kayak or canoe, or walk down its trail.
Learn farming and tree plantation, Warli painting and pottery from a local teacher. Enjoy the beauty of wild flowers and birds. Explore the tribal lifestyle of the Konkan region, their culture and environment awareness level. Each day brings with it a new set of nature and adventure activities which are fun and interesting to make you truly enjoy your holiday at Rivertrail.

Accommodation at Rivertrail
Currently, Rivertrail eco-camp has the following accommodation:River facing, eco- cottages
a) Mango cottage with 3 rooms and 2 attached western style toilets and a verandah on the 1st floor. This cottage has the best river view.
b) Rose cottage – a spacious circular cottage with 1 room and 1 split level, verandah cum sit-out and a spacious attached toilet cum bathroom.
Karvi Hutsa) Fanas – a traditional tribal Karvi hut
b) Coco – a traditional tribal-style Karvi hutToilets and BathroomLantena - A toilet and bathroom block with 7 toilet cum bathrooms( anglo-indian) + 2 Indian toilets and 2 only bathrooms is adjacent the Karvi huts. It also used by tent occupants.
One Kanpur style, green military tent with concrete tiled flooring and extra shelter for the rains.
One house-shaped brown tent to accommodate 2 in a bed and 4 in sleeping bags or mattress.
Dome tents are available for larger groups or those who prefer the pure, tenting experience (Triple sharing)
Sharing your accommodation:
The cottage rooms, huts and tents are spacious and are provided with 4 locally made bamboo bed cum diwans. The total accommodation on quadruple sharing basis, currently is 35 to 40 participants (with Rose cottage accommodating more than 8 participants).
Sun n ShadeA circular open dining cum activity area completely shaded by mango trees and bright yellow umbrellas
JhooleA triangular hammock area that’s secluded from the cottages.
KairaliA massage hut for herbal oil massages. JharokhaA traditionally styled, open air relaxation area for a great river view.

Campfire, campfire cooking and activity area for cultural programs.

Boats for Water Sports
At Rivertrail, you can make use of our boats for watersports:

4 two-seater tandem Kayaks
1 one-seater solo Kayak.
2 ‘Canoe Polo’ Canoes
2 Sit-on canoes normally used as rescue boats.
1 rowing boat (6 seater)
1 family rowing boat (4 seater)
1 Inflatable rubber raft (on request only)
2 wind sail boats (for wind surfing during summer)
Life jackets for safety (compulsory for all)